Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hating White People

Shannon hates white people. She hates them when they talk about their dogs and care about their dogs and she lumps all white people together the majority of the time she has something to say about white people. It's discouraging because when the same thing is done to black people (if they are all lumped together and referred to as a whole when it is a small number), it's a crime but it's not a crime when she does it to white people. I smell hypocrisy.

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AFM said...

I pretty much hate white people, especially when they say dumbass white shit like this. Funny, black folk have 5 million more reasons to hate white people than the other way around but you still want to put your grubby white stick up the ass "don't be a hypocrite" crap all over them don't you. Trying to shut a sister down is as much racism as using the n*word.